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My CCSK Exam Experience :

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Passed this exam few months back, found nobody ever posted the CCSK Exam Experience so thought to take the initiative.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) will provide a consistent way of developing Cloud Security Competency and provide both organizations and agencies the confidence they need to adopt secure cloud solutions. The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge provides individuals with a solid foundation in Cloud Security issues and best practices.Organizations that leverage this training will be better positioned to get the most out of their investments in cloud computing. In addition, the certification can be a large help with recruitment efforts as organizations can easily qualify the experience of an individual in cloud security if they have earned the CCSK certificate.

You will require to read following books to achieve this certificate :

CSA Guidance: CSA Guide Version 3 

92% of the questions are based on the CSA Guidance and 8% of the questions are based on the
ENISA report. The very best way to prepare for the CCSK examination is to thoroughly read and
understand these two documents.

Trust me, rather than doing any unauthorized Cloud courses or certifications in local market, you should do CCSK. The Books are really worth reading at least once, though you don’t want to give the exam. It covers following topics :

– Cloud Computing Architecture : Complete Framework
– Governing in the Cloud

– Governance and Enterprise Risk Management

– Legal Issues: Contracts and Electronic Discovery

– Compliance and Audit Management

– Information Management and Data Security

– Interoperability and Portability

– Operating in the Cloud

– Traditional Security, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery

– Data Center Operations

– Incident Response

– Application Security

– Encryption and Key Management

– Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management

– Virtualization
– Security as a Service

Also there is no Eligibility for this exam, anybody who has IT knowledge can appear for the Exam.

I would say, we should not only read CCSK guide 3.0 but 2.1 too. I have got 70% in first attempt and I failed, all the practice tests available on the website are too easy so I thought it will be easy to clear the exam but I was wrong it was not as easy as I expected. Then I read CCSK guide 2.1 as few topics are very well explained there, and then I appeared for the 2nd attempt and I passed :)
You can download : CSA Guide Version 2.1

To register for the Exam please refer following Link :
Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

The new examination price is US$345. This entitles you to attempt the test up to two times.

You can also check the Exam FAQs HERE

Best of Luck for the members who are appearing for the exam, please do not waste your time in finding the dumps for this exam, you won’t get any. It is really worth reading CCSK guide and thank god the 2nd attempt is/was included in the same fees.


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