Advanced Career counseling on IT Industry

OnlyVMware has scheduled a training for freshers and Experienced Technical professionals who face challenges in their Organization with their Jobs. OnlyVMware not only understands their current job description, but also helps each professional individual to establish a good strong foundation with their jobs while realizing their true potential. It is always wise to choose the right path and if you are looking for the right place, it has to be our training. Make sure you don’t miss it. All information based on IT needs, evoluting technologies, newer deployment methods etc.This information session will take you the next level of self-understanding and building a surrounding where you can feel safe and secure with your professional life. The more of which is to be talked about in the seminar.

What questions are to be answered in these sessions ?

– What’s your next step to your career ?
– Campus Interviews and Insight
– Outdating technologies and Outdating us
– Do Certs have a better value in the market ?
– What are the available certs and why are they requirement for development, process etc.
– Why do i need to know about Cloud ?
– Cloud – A New Era or just end of Outdated technology ?
– Cloud Technologies and their understanding
– BIG Data – What is it all about ?
– UCS and the future

So, will you join us and know where you stand ?

The session will be conducted by :-

Trainer Name :- Mr. Chetan Sonar ( aka Author of )

Mr. Chetan S. has more than 10 years of experience in the industry of Cloud, Hosting, Networks etc with more than 15 highly rated certifications in various field of our Industry. Some of his expertise lies in Cloud implementation, DRaS, Process Management etc. To know more about him, please visit :-

We only have 20 seats available. So Hurry!!!

Training will be conducted in Pune and Nashik. For more information on the booking at the session, please email at


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